I opposed rates out of possible affairs of this sexting ranging from men and you will female using Chi-square take to analytics

We used an analysis of one’s study using Stata adaptation twelve.1 having Mac (StataCorp LP). We determined statistics to explain the research try. Adjusted logistic regression study was applied independently to have boys and girls to explore potential activities associated with the sexting.


Many respondents have been ladies (65.7%). The most famous answers having “race” were: mestizo (48.8%) and you may Moreno (21.8%). Most participants attended a mixed intercourse (54.8%) public-school (62.2%). Just over 20% of decide to try reported entering sexting (Dining table 1).

An assessment from boys and girls (Table 2) showed that men involved with a great deal more sexting than simply girls (% against. %; chi = ; p = 0.000). Female said high cost from parent dissatisfaction getting entering sex (p = 0.000). Females and additionally said high prices from parental laws regarding the sexting (p = 0.001). Guys reported a great deal more assaulting in the past 1 year (p = 0.000).

Using a good multivariate strategy, for females, being cyberbullied led to an elevated likelihood of sexting (Otherwise = dos.019; p = .022) once the performed which have moms and dads impact faster poorly regarding the respondent with intimate relations (Otherwise = step one.799; p = .000) (Table 3). To possess guys (Table cuatro), things associated with the increased opportunity for sexting included sending so much more text message texts when you look at the early in the day day, moms and dads feeling shorter badly concerning the respondent which have intimate connections (Otherwise = step 1.399; p = .014), and having been in attacking in the past 12 months (Or = step one.313; p = .003). Having moms and dads with guidelines on delivering otherwise finding sexual messages are plus of the ple (Otherwise = 0.519; p = .045).


The modern investigation accounts messaging rates inside the Cusco similar to those utilized in U.S. education of teen sexting, especially the Sex and you will Technical Survey held by the Federal Promotion to eliminate Adolescent and you may Unexpected Pregnancy . Things of the sexting was indeed basically other for females and you can boys. Activities for females ranged regarding being cyberbullied and parental opinions of teenage sexual activity, while circumstances to possess males incorporated fighting, too-much texting, adult views away from teenage intercourse and parental statutes in the sexting.

Past research has yielded combined performance regarding the brand new impact out of sex on messaging prices. The present day study located an enormous sex disparity in sexting, with almost 3 times as many boys sexting compared to females. One possible reasons on difference in male and female sexting pricing is the transmitting choices one of adolescent guys, have been seen to be prone to give photos acquired than simply women [10, 14]. This won’t describe, not, new comparatively higher intercourse difference one of the latest study of Peruvian teens and you may past education certainly one of You.S. teens. Investigating exactly how culturally-specific gender variations impact sexting practices deserves further investigation.

Consistent with earlier in the day training exploring correlates away from exposure routines having sexting , the current study located individuals who text alot more, in addition to sext so much more . Inasmuch as girls and boys don’t disagree in this investigation to your number of each day messaging, the finding that boys’ hypertexting is actually of this highest pricing of sexting get get in touch with sex distinctions relating to the intent behind texting. Reid & Reid (2004) figured males have fun with messaging largely in order to complement points and so are comfy connecting to a group while girls’ access to texting are relevant more so you can matchmaking-based conversations. These types of people participate you to to totally embrace the technology to have connecting, people wanted an elevated comprehension of the nature of system. Such as for example, trust in the latest recipient that he / she doesn’t display the newest information with folks. Highest cost out of sexting certainly hypertexting males contained in this study get originate from boys’ complete morale with playing with messaging getting interacting a great sort of subject areas, along with people who might be intimately explicit. Which, monitoring sexting and you will too much texting, or hypertexting, may help mothers and you will advantages choose adolescents at risk and supply potential getting intervention. Put differently, gender variations in messaging seem to be just like those who work in other forms from communication, for example dialogue and you will non-mediated creating. The matter, yet not, is that boys’ correspondence designs contain sigbificantly more sexually-based content and may also end in a great deal more sexual intercourse.