Sanemi and Giyu seem to n’t have a great dating since their characters can be more

Giyu tries to save your self Tanjiro away from Nezuko Kamado, have been turned into a devil, it is surprised observe Tanjiro trying to protect the lady. [1] Shortly after nearly bringing taken down because of the Tanjiro, the guy senses their potential and you can directs your to help you his grasp, Sakonji Urokodaki, so they can illustrate him becoming a demon Slayer. [2]

If you’re initial hostile on her or him, Giyu has arrived to worry a great deal in regards to the sisters and you may prepared to violate this new Demon Hunters’ code off perform from the getting their life on the line to manage her or him. [3] [4]

Tanjiro is just one exactly who lets Giyu to open up and you can see the guy has to step-in to as the inheritor out of water Respiration Style, and never let their previous loss and you will feeling of inadequacy prevent your from recognizing it. Both have even more in keeping than simply they feel, considering toward similar frequencies. In certain ways, Tanjiro was his best friend (aside from their late buddy Sabito, and you may, somewhat, other Hashira Shinobu Kocho).

He is proven to care and attention much for Tanjiro, which is further viewed when he becomes greatly angered when Akaza tries to destroy Tanjiro, dropping their typical stoic demeanour and you may bouncing in to include him from the Higher Score. Whenever Tanjiro is believed dry pursuing the struggle with Muzan Kibutsuji, Giyu cries and blames themselves for being unable to include him. [5] When Tanjiro becomes a devil, yet not, Giyu reveals little doubt in order to attack your to your intent to help you kill unlike individuals that was near to Tanjiro. He does think twice to destroy Tanjiro as he notices Tanjiro is assaulting Muzan’s handle.

Shinobu Kocho

Giyu and you can Shinobu try each other Hashira of one’s Demon Slayer Corps. He has reverse personalities and you may 1st seem to be in the possibility together. [6] Giyu are shocked when she advertised the guy just got an effective grudge on her getting saying others disliked him. [7] Even with staying at potential collectively, she is the actual only real Hashira just who Giyu has interacted with and you will talked so you’re able to cordially.

After, both the guy and Shinobu visited worry about the Kamado sisters and so are substantially disturb because of the aggressive remedy for another Hashira on the Tanjiro and you can Nezuko. [8] When Giyu later hears on Shinobu’s demise, he is visibly shocked and you will distressed by the information. So it contrasts in order to his response to loss of their most other other Devil Slayers instance Kyojuro Rengoku, Muichiro Tokito and you can Genya Shinazugawa, just who the guy failed to react to just like the psychologically.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi along with his always noisy and you may scratchy message when you’re Giyu is actually left calm and quiet. The only real go out there is value revealed happens when Kagaya try throughout the room.

It is shown one to Giyu attempts to have a casual gesture with the Sanemi whenever Tanjiro offers to consume ohagi along with her. Following the Devil Slayers try disbanded, both Hashira move to each other and you may look, since their long-journey in the long run ended.

Sakonji Urokodaki

Because previous Water Hashira, Sakonji is Giyu’s learn while the person who educated your the fresh new Water Respiration Concept once the cultivator. The guy retains him into large regard and you can Sakonji seemingly have a lot of faith towards their previous pupil as well, because the viewed as he allows his judgement out-of Tanjiro and you can Nezuko’s issues of the agreeing to practice and protection them. [9]


When you find yourself Sabito was long-dead till the show already been, it was indicated that each other he and you may Sabito had been good friends because they experienced similar affairs regarding shedding their loved ones so you’re able to Demons and bonded better because of this. Afterwards, when you look at the Final Options Test, Sabito died at the hands of the brand new Hand Devil seeking save your self his lives and others exactly who took part in the test. Sabito’s passing brought about Giyu to feel much shame with the area where he doubted his own efficiency and believed leaving his position because the H2o Hashira.

Tsutako Tomioka

Tsutako are Giyu’s elderly sis. Little is famous throughout the Giyu and you may Tsutako’s matchmaking, but it are indicated that Giyu along with his aunt regularly features an effective and you can enjoying sis dating. One night, Tsutako hid the students Giyu and you may forfeited by herself to protect your from Demons assaulting their residence. Giyu and additionally cared much having their sis which he feels guilty on her behalf dying and envision he could be best off inactive just before Sabito snapped during the your because of that.

Obanai Iguro

Obanai disliked Giyu to own undecided reasons, no matter if Obanai’s aura can be a big cause for it. After within their fight Muzan the two was indeed revealed protecting each other and dealing together with her.