She rushes observe Kisako, who’s upset by question

Her mom knows that the woman is pregnant, but Akiko takes zero advice off the lady. Akiko runs out yelling you to she dislikes the lady. Akiko goes to common club so you’re able to cry by herself and you may following incurs Kenji at a restaurant. She slaps your and you can runs out hysterical. Kenji and also the restaurant manager tune in to the train voice the newest security: an accident has actually taken place. Akiko could have been strike by the illustrate, possibly because she threw herself below they otherwise given that, distraught, she wasn’t focusing.

Today Akiko, perception you to she cannot have earned such as for instance a beneficial honest difficult-functioning dad, candidates you to she is maybe not this lady dad’s man, you to her mother already had intercourse together with her a good-for-absolutely nothing partner in advance of she came to be

Kenji hears this new teach voice the newest security: an accident provides took place. New restaurant owner spends the evening from the hospital, but Kenji doesn’t. Whenever Akiko wakes right up, she says to dad and you may sis you to she doesn’t want so you’re able to die, one to she really wants to initiate the lady lifestyle all over; but instead she becomes deceased. Takako blames the fresh new collision, not on Akiko’s insane existence, however, towards return out of her mom. An effective vengeful Takako walks with the majhong house to inform this lady mom one Akiko try inactive and this is all the woman blame. The old woman, eager, chooses to get off urban area. She provides vegetation towards the funeral away from Akiko and you may pieces that have Takako, hinting that they’ll most likely never ever satisfy again. Now Takako bursts towards the rips. Takako chooses to go back to her spouse because she will not require her very own girl to enhance upwards instead a dad, the way Akiko did.

Then he provides a demonstration regarding the bride to be, Tomoko

Higanbana/ Equinox Flower (1958) is actually 1st colour movie and you will a rather trivial analysis from the newest transition on the age of set up matrimony, in which moms and dads use the obligation, into the decades in which young women simply take obligation for buying the spouse. It doesn’t have the refinement and you may sweet off his classics, a whole lot more similar to Hollywood melodramas of Paddy Chayefsky type, and feels overlong during the couple of hours. The household away from a couple newly wedded couples see on a place. There clearly was a caution on strong wind gusts. The bride’s employer, Wataru, sees one to Mikami didn’t show up. He says you to definitely his or her own matrimony try build from the his parents with his wife’s mothers, and you may alternatively now young adults can pick whom they prefer.

Wataru upcoming possess dinner on a restaurant towards the dad out-of this new bride-to-be plus one pal. At your home Wataru inquires throughout the their older daughter, Setsuko, who has to choose a marriage suggestion. Younger girl, Hisako, is definite that she will look for a good husband herself. Mikami visits Wataru at his place of work and you will confesses that he is worried about his or her own girl: Fumiko enjoys went during the that have men and found a job because the a waitress into the a club. Its dialogue try interrupted by the their talkative brother, a good innkeeper, who’s that have an argument on matrimony along with her daughter Yukiko, guaranteeing this lady to consider an excellent physician’s assistant. Afterwards, Yukiko check outs Wataru at the his domestic and informs your you to definitely the woman mom has been hospitalized to have a center checkup.

And you can Yukiko isn’t interested in the students man. Yukiko complains having Setsuko one to this lady mother is actually insistent. They generate a treaty to help one another green singles giriЕџ from the scheming of the moms and dads. Immediately following released about hospital (there is nothing completely wrong along with her center), Yukiko’s mom visits Setsuko’s mother and you will says to this lady you to this lady has several other applicant, a great pharmacist. Through the a trip to a lake, Wataru’s wife Kiyoko misses the war years if the people had been smaller than average the household is constantly together. Wataru as an alternative just remember that , these people were worst surrounded by arrogant some one. Now he or she is rich and you can strong. An early on man comes to check out Wataru at work. Taniguchi is a good coworker out of his daughter Setsuko and you may involves inquire about Setsuko’s give.