Variations in parents’ preoccupying thinking away from getting rejected, frustration, adult shame, and idealization, depending on their AAI-category (N = 77)

Philosophy try F-evaluating. Values during the parenthesis are the adjusted Roentgen 2 not managing for co-parent connection scriptedness (ASA), having resource.


step 1. Given that interview’s prior acronym (CAI: Bengtsson Psouni, 2008 ) can get easily be confused with the child Attachment Interview (CAI/Shmueli-Goetz, Address, Fonagy, Datta, 2008 ), or even the Few Connection Interview (CAI/Silver Cohn, 1992; inside the Alexandrov et al., 2005 ) we play with Adult Caregiving and Accessory Interviews (P-CAI) as an alternative.

The Adult Accessory Interviews (AAI; George, Kaplan, Head, 1984 /1996) assesses adults’ latest connection representations thanks to details about likely childhood event which have one’s caregivers, and you will research of one’s top-notch way of thinking when one to reconstructs and you may reflects through to people knowledge (Fundamental ainsi que al., 1985 ; find and Bretherton Munholland, 2008 ). To view the message of parental representations off caregiving, various other interview have been designed, with the programming techniques determined because of the, however in some cases deviating off, this new AAI (having analysis pick George Solomon, 2008 ; ). Lookup with this interview have sensed average contacts ranging from mothers’ classification because the Autonomous about AAI and differing aspects of their caregiving representations, like harmony during the affective skills inside the link to the little one (Aber, Belsky, Slade, Crnic, 1999 ; George Solomon, 1996 ; ; Slade, Belsky, Jedoch, Phelps, 1999 ; Zeanah, Benoit, Hirschberg, Barton, Regan, 1995 ), capacity to construe and you can empathically reflect upon the fresh child’s mental state (Slade, Grienenberger, Bernbach, Levy, Locker, 2005 ), and to flexibly balance reasonable appraisals of one’s own need with that from the kid (George Solomon, 1996 ).

Co-parent has an effect on including encompass attachment-associated have particularly standards during the romantic relationship, and strategies getting processing and controlling feeling and you may relationship-related conflict. These features could possibly get, for-instance, influence your capability and you will willingness to do something supportively to another father or mother and collaboratively carry out interactions and you can disputes with the guy. On their own of be it conceptualized because feature (counted because of the a home-report level, elizabeth.g., Feinberg Kan, 2008 ), inside the framework of one’s own attachment feel (counted because of the AAI, e.g., Alexandrov, Cowan Cowan, 2005 ), or inside perspective of your couples relationship (counted by a couple of accessory interview and other level handling couples accessory, e.grams. Alexandrov ainsi que al., 2005 ), attachment safeguards might have been associated with couple relationships fulfillment, which has been proven to change the the total amount to and this co-parents engage in cooperative co-parenting (e.g. Christopher, Umemura, Mann, Jacobvitz, Hazen, 2015 ). However, though it is certainly technically accepted one to parents’ caregiving representations is actually open to influence (Cowan Cowan, 2009 ; ), and you may knowledge for the co-father or mother try a potential supply of eg dictate (Belsky Kelly, 1994 ; Bengtsson Psouni, 2008 ), the character of a single parent’s accessory security on the other parent’s caregiving logo hasn’t been examined. Additionally, while some gender distinctions have been shown throughout the links anywhere between child-rearing behavior of one parent and you may connection coverage of your own co-mother or father (age.grams., Cowan ainsi que al., 2009 ; Feinberg Kan, 2008 ), prospective differences in exactly how mothers’ and you can fathers’ representations out of adult caregiving are influenced by this new co-parent’s accessory coverage try unexplored.

H1b: The latest co-parent’s accessory scriptedness make a life threatening moderating sum from the link between new parent’s attachment and you will caregiving representations.


Even though mothers having dismissive attachment representations (AAI/Ds) tended to idealize the matchmaking on their youngsters, i and additionally discovered that, versus Autonomous (AAI/F) otherwise Obsessed (AAI/E) mothers, they shown more powerful preoccupation that have emotions of being refused by the their son. That is prior to prior findings one to Dismissive moms and dads enjoys bad thinking of their child and you will on their own as caregivers (George Solomon, 1996 ), and therefore idealizing the partnership is one way to cope with this new guilt getting impact that way. In addition, it aids the concept your parents may experience their college students in many ways exactly like the way they experienced the caregivers. Dismissive moms and dads in that feel generalize attitude of being refuted out-of the accessory image to their caregiving representation. In the long run, preoccupying emotions to be refuted from the man can serve as reason for rejecting the child, the newest decisions are identified by the father or mother because the an inevitable care about-defense.

Pulled along with her, the results out of co-mother or father accessory security to the full quality (P-CAI class) as well as on particular issue (distinct scales) on the other side parent’s caregiving image help their hypothesized moderating role. The brand new decide to try size of the analysis didn’t support good strict sample off intercourse-certain negative effects of co-moms and dad accessory safeguards, but no manifestation of such effect was found in brand new logistic regression design. Research out-of earlier in the day years that dads construed adult caregiving because work to get over primarily due to co-parenting towards the mother (Stueve Pleck, 2001 ), is hence perhaps not corroborated right here, indicating so much more egalitarian child-rearing spots ranging from dads and parents. This could be based on the believed functions associated with the sort of take to, due to the fact Sweden positions large with respect to egalitarian parenting spots within the worldwide contrasting (Putnick et al., 2012 ).

Ds = Dismissive, Age = Obsessed, F = Independent. Unresolved (U) AAI classifications was in fact replaced because of the additional group towards the protocol.